Friday, 25 December 2009

DeGrEe Or DiPlOmA???????????

semalam result 4 degree dh kuar..
yup.. i got it..
Ijazah Sarjana Muda (kepujian) Sains (Statistik)
the answer is nothing....


the pro that i think if:
1. going to degree :
* save time
(i have no idea what are the other pros)huhu~

2. continue diploma :
* safe... (biar lmbt asal selamat)
* have a better chance to get ANC...
* i'm familiar with the teaching n learning style there...

the conts if:
1. going to degree:
* dangerous!! (if fail,cannot repeat~no degree,no dip)
* accommodation is by self..
* all is by own...(no more classes style)

2. continue diploma:
* wasting time...
* after diploma, we need to apply 4 the degree n will not be confirm either we will get the course that we want or not.......

so, today i made my final decision..
I'll continue my diploma.....

whatever others said, but for me I'll never turn over my decision....
I'm 100% sure what i have done!!



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